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Bare Bones CrossFit Yorkville is a community of like-minded individuals who support one another in obtaining optimal physical fitness and health in a friendly, competitive atmosphere, while conducting intense short duration results driven workouts.
CrossFit has changed our lives, and we'd love to help change yours!
Bare Bones CrossFit is located at
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Workout of the Day (WOD) & Other News


Wednesday, 11-11-15 Veterans Day WOD

 WOD: “ARMISTICE” 9 minute AMRAP 100-meter sprint 11 sit-ups 11 air squats 100-meter sprint 22 sit-ups 22 air squats 100-meter sprint 33 sit-ups 33 air squats add 11 to the sit-ups and air squats for each additional round 2-minute rest and reflection then 9 minute AMRAP 100-meter sprint 11 pushups 11 box jumps (RX 24”/20”) […]


Happy 240th Birthday US Marine Corps!

Today will be celebrating the 240th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps! “240” Skills: Thrusters 3x3x3x3x3 Each partner completes 5 rounds of: 20 Double Unders 15 Walking Lunge Steps 10 Push Press (95/65) 2 OHS (95/65) While one partner is working through the round the other is rowing 400m *at the end of the […]


Monday, 11-9-15

Skills/Strength- Front Squats 3x3x3x3x3 WOD- 5 Rounds for time: 10 Pull-Ups 10 Turkish Sit-Ups (35/26) 10 Ring Dips (Rx is full depth) 30 Double-Unders

Saturday, 11-7-15

Partner 1- 12 Wall balls (20/14) 10 KBS (53/35) Rx+ (70/53) 8 DB Snatches (45/25) 1 Rope Climb Partner 2- Max Reps of Russian Twisters (53/35) Weighted Sit-Ups (45/25) Weighted Flutter Kicks (53/35) Hollow Rocks Partners switch after each round is completed until both partners complete all ab exercises. Results = time Post Max Reps […]

Friday, 11-6-15

Skills- Work on your goal or Double Unders WOD- Set clock at 18 minutes. Time for WOD is consecutive. 6 Minute AMRAP 4 Front Squats (135/95) *weight must be cleaned. 2 lateral Barbell Burpees (double jumps each one) 6 Roll Outs 6 Minutes to Row 800m. Remaining time is a break. 6 Minutes (continue AMRAP […]

Thursday, 11-5-15

Strength- Dumbbells WOD- 18 Minute AMRAP 5 HSPU (or 2 Wall Walks) 10 V-Ups 15 Frog Jumps

Wednesday, 11-4-15

Skills –Work on your goal WOD- 5 Rounds for time 5 Deadlift (225/185) 10 Barbell Push-Ups Run 200m 10 T2B

Tuesday, 11-3-15

WOD- Strength Day Push Press/ Push Jerk 5x5x3x3x3x2x2… Post WOD- “Rowling”

Monday, 11-2-15

Skills: Choose your Goal & work on it. WOD- 21-15-9 Wall Balls (20/14) Ring Rows GHD Sit-Ups Box Jump & Overs (24/20) *200m Run after each Round

Friday, 10-30-15

Friday’s Partner Workout 1 Partner Rows while the other completes a round of the exercises, then they switch until all 6 rounds have been completed. Both partners will complete 3 burpees together after each round. *Score is final time. Please post total meters in Notes. 6 Rounds- 12 Pull-Ups 16 Step-Ups (24/20) 12 Hang Cleans […]