Welcome to Bare Bones CrossFit!

Bare Bones CrossFit Yorkville is a community of like-minded individuals who support one another in obtaining optimal physical fitness and health in a friendly, competitive atmosphere, while conducting intense short duration results driven workouts.
CrossFit has changed our lives, and we'd love to help change yours!
Bare Bones CrossFit is located at
1204 Deer Street #F&G- Yorkville, IL. 630-553-1500


Workout of the Day (WOD) & Other News


WOD | Friday, 5-15-15

Skills- 3 Sets of 10 push-up walk up and overs on 2 stacked 45lb plates Back Squat Tabatas 3 Rounds 75, 95, 115, 135 Guys 35, 55, 75, 95 Ladies POST: 300 Single Jumps, or Double-Under practice  

Eric G

WOD | Wednesday, 5-13-15

Skills- Clean & Jerks (work on form) Partner Workout- For time: 2000m Row (1 rower per team) Double “Grace” (60 Clean & Jerk Reps (135/95)- 1 barbell, 1 at a time) 2000m Row


WOD | Tuesday, 5-12-15

Warm Up Skills- Handstand Holds, Walks WOD- For Time: 400m Weighted Run (45/25lb plates) 25 Lateral PVC Hops w/benches 50 Ball Slams (30/25) 25 Lateral PVC Hops Run 800m  

WOD | 5-11-15

Skills- Weighted Hip Extensions w/plates. 3-4 Sets of 10. WOD- Deadlift (3x3x3x3x3x3…) work on negatives. POST- Run Loop or Row 1000m


WOD | Wednesday, 5-6-15

Strength: Front Squat (Work on Pause Squats) (3x3x3x3x3) 15 Minute Partner AMRAP: *1 partner runs while the other works on the AMRAP. Keep track of total Runs, and total Rounds+Reps Run 400m 5 Goblet Squats (53/35) 10 KBS (53/35) 20 Weighted Flutter Kicks Single Ct. (53/35)      

Michelle Moffet

WOD | Tuesday, 5-5-15

Strength- Bench Press (3x3x3x3x3) WOD: 20 Minute EMOM Odds 30 DU’s (or 45 Singles) Evens 1 Minute Plank

Barbell Bash II Crew

WOD | Monday, 5-4-15

Skills: Burgner Warm-Up WOD: Death by…. Wall balls Burpees POD: We’d like to give a huge shout out to all of our athletes who competed this weekend at the Barbell Bash II in New Lenox! Everyone gave all they had and did an outstanding job! We are so proud of all of you!