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Growing up in Plano, I have seen the entire area of Kendall County grow over the last 20 years.  I graduated from Plano High School in 1990 and left for U.S. Army boot camp a month after graduation.  I spent 12 years in the Army where the majority of that time was on a Special Forces A Team (Green Berets).  In 12 years of service I felt I had been involved in the best physical fitness training available.  From running marathons up the mountains in Alaska to “smoke Sessions” in Ranger Training,  to Special Forces Assessment and Selection,  I thought I was in the best shape of my life.  After getting out of the military, I became a police officer in the Kendall County area.  I spent 5 years as an officer where during that time I spent several years as a member of the Kendall County Special Response Team.  Again, being involved in the police training and the SRT I worked out on a daily basis and was always among top percentage of officers when it came to physical fitness.  I continually worked out with the same routine that most people who read the muscle magazines and talk to regulars at the local gym who think that sitting in a gym for hours at a time working single joint movements for 45 minutes and then running or working on the elliptical for another 45 minutes thinking I was in great shape and could handle any situation handed to me.   After 5 years of Law Enforcement service I decided to get into security contracting overseas in hostile areas.   Within the first 2 months of working as a contractor I found out how unconditioned  I really was.   I started training with a couple guys that had 15+ years of age on me and had been doing CrossFit for a couple years.  I was run into the ground by these guys that I considered to be out of their prime.  After that I was hooked on CrossFit.

I have been doing CrossFit for over 4 years now and I am by far in better shape than any other time in my life.  I brought this training back home to my family and friends and so far all have enjoyed it and have benefited from it.  I have been training and coaching military, police and civilian personnel in many different facets from rifle/pistol fundamentals to Small Unit Tactics to basic situational awareness/self defense courses for the last 15 years.  I realized that with the knowledge I had gained in conducting a CrossFit program, I could bring this experience back to the Kendall County area and help the people in the area that I grew up benefit from this high intensity, results driven exercise program the same way my family and friends have.  For anyone that has the motivation and drive to be the healthiest they have ever been, I look forward to assisting you in obtaining your goals.


Coach Melissa Kiest | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | Olympic Lifting Certification | Photographer & Web Designer | Accounts Manager.

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Being from the small town of Sandwich, and growing up with 5 siblings, I was a pretty active kid.  Although I never participated in any sports, (unless cheerleading counts) I was able to remain in very good shape.  That was true until I became a wife and a mom of our two daughters. I, like a lot of people do, let myself go. I didn’t work out consistently and only focused on being a certain weight.  To people who looked at me, I didn’t appear overweight, however, I met the profile of a “skinny fat person” to a tee.  I would say I had zero strength and needed to get fit, but could never find a workout regimen I wanted to stick with for very long…  until CrossFit.

 I was introduced to CrossFit by my husband, Dave in 2009. Dave has always been into fitness – working out regularly and staying in very good shape. I always thought he looked great. During one of his first trips overseas, he started doing the CrossFit program along with changing up his nutrition.  He came home with a completely different look… not only was he really fit, he was ripped!  I have to say this is what really inspired me to get involved. I decided to give it a try and we put together a small gym in our basement. After doing CrossFit for several weeks, I was already seeing changes in my appearance, and my clothes were fitting better.  I remember starting on ring rows and within a couple of months I had progressed to unassisted pull-ups.  Seeing the progress and overcoming the challenging workouts soon became addicting. While Dave would go overseas, I handled running our small basement gym with about 7 of our friends and family. We loved CrossFit so much and we just knew everyone else would too.  We wanted to share our passion with everyone so we opened up Bare Bones.  Over the past few years we have developed a pretty awesome community.  We’ve seen amazing progress and transformations from our Athletes and have made many friends along the way! We can honestly say we LOVE what we do!  As your trainer, not only do I want to help you reach your fitness goals, I want to help you make a lifestyle change by finding your inner confidence and strength.  CrossFit is hard both physically and mentally, but it is worth every bit of effort you put into it.


Coach Jordan Roberts | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I grew up in Aurora till I was 10 then my family moved to Yorkville where we have lived for 12 years now.  I grew up playing soccer and racing BMX bikes.  I started playing football in 7th grade and have continued to play throughout high school and college.  In high school, I had the privilege of playing football, basketball, and running track. I only played baseball for one year and that was in 7th grade. However, I couldn’t hit the ball so I decided to go with track.

I go to Wheaton College and I have one more semester there to play football again. So, I will graduate in December 2013. I have three siblings: Grayson, 19; Noah, 17; and Natalie, 13. Grayson is at Wheaton playing football with me.

I began doing Crossfit in May 2012. My dad started at Bare Bones in March 2012 and he suggested to me that I go try it out.  Ever since then, I have developed a great passion for it.  I enjoy the hard work that it requires and the points in which you have to push past your limits and overcome the pain. I love the motto “Embrace the suck”.  It explains that people should know that there is going to be pain involved and there’s no “beating around the bush” with it; it becomes all mental during the workout.  Furthermore, I really enjoy the community and the relationships that I have built with people involved with CrossFit and look forward to the opportunity and privilege to build more relationships with others along the way.  As a trainer/coach, I am able to help others out with their fitness and I look at that as an honor.  I enjoy seeing people accomplish things they never thought could be done, as well as seeing people transform physically over time as a result of the hard work and time they have put into their workouts.


Coach Dave Steinholf | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer –
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Thomas Kraus | M.S., M.A., NBPTS, C.S.C.S, USAW, National Level Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I am a 17 year National Board Certified physical education teacher and coach at West Aurora High School in Aurora, IL. I played many sports growing up including football and wrestling. In college, I played rugby for several years before concentrating on Olympic weightlifting.

My first coach was Marty Schnorf of the Charleston Weightlifting Club, Charleston, IL. After graduating from Eastern Illinois University, I started training with Olympic level coach Mike Gattone, head coach of Sayre Park Weightlifting Club.

In, 1998 I started the Aurora Weightlifting Club (AWC). In the 8 years I coached the AWC, I had many schoolage national champions, junior national place winners, and schoolage Pan American place winners. Most notable of the AWC athletes was Matt Lee – two-time schoolage and Pan American champion. Matt eventually wrestled at the University of Illinois.

When I started my family, I discontinued actively coaching Olympic weightlifting. Professionally, I concentrated on my teaching and strength coaching responsibilities.

I now am back in the game chartering the Northwestern Illinois Weightlifting Club (NIWC). With hard work and planning, the NIWC will experience the same success as the Aurora Weightlifting Club.

I have four children Nate, Jackie, Daniel, and Nikki. I have been married to Caroline for 12 years. My wife and family give me more strength and power than weightlifting ever could.


Coach Ryan Peat |CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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Growing up in Oswego I was always an athlete.  Throughout my high school years I played football, baseball and wrestled.  After graduation I had an opportunity to play baseball at the college level.  Once the baseball career came to a close, I did what most college students do, sit on my butt and get fat!  After college I went to work in the construction industry.  I had it in my head that working in construction I was getting plenty of exercise and I didn’t have to go to the gym or watch what I was eating, until 80 extra pounds showed up.  I rode that out for far too many wasted years.  I was lazy, lethargic, had no energy and was heading to an early grave.  That all changed when my wife, Vicki, told me we were going to have a baby.  I did not want to be a fat, lazy dad.  So I started working out the only way I knew how, go to the globo-gym and work one or two muscle groups and do 45 minutes of cardio.  That was about the time I decided to change careers as well;  I started testing to become a police officer.  I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to be able to pass the P.O.W.E.R. test.  That’s when a friend of mine in Texas introduced me to CrossFit.
I remember pulling into the parking lot of the gym and seeing a husband and wife ( that were absolutely ripped) installing the rubber floors into an empty warehouse.  I didn’t know if that was the right place or not but I wanted to workout with those two people; they knew something I didn’t!  I asked if this was the CrossFit gym and when could I start my programing.  I knew I wanted to look like that.  What I did not know was how I was going to feel.  CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways: I have more energy, better moods, better health markers, I have accomplished things that I was told I was too old or too fat to ever accomplish, and I know I am a better dad, and husband.  Vicki started to notice these changes as well, and soon joined the gym herself.  It is awesome to us as parents to see our two boys emulate the functional movements we practice everyday at the gym, and usually with better form and flexibility.  The competition style of the CrossFit workouts really pushed me to find that next level of intensity. It did not take me long to “drink the Kool-Aid”.  I was hooked!  Instead of stalling to get to the gym, I was showing up early, doing extra work, and truly upset when things like work would get in the way of me getting to the gym.  So I decided it was time to make the gym my work.
As a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, I am always pushing myself to improve my skills and coaching techniques.  I am excited to help people reach their fitness goals.  I love seeing people reach that level of intensity they didn’t know they had, and seeing the joy and sense of accomplishment people have every time they set a new PR.  My main goal as a coach is to help guide the people of Bare Bones CrossFit in a  fun, safe, and effective environment, while getting into the best shape of their lives.
Doctor Nathan Thompson

Dr. Nathan Thompson is no stranger to chiropractic and healthy lifestyle, having spent over 15 years in the sports performance and chiropractic profession.  It was his first experience going to a chiropractor almost 15 years ago that changed the way he looked at health.

Having an extensive background in sports performance, rehabilitative training, spinal correction, and nutrition is what helps Dr. Thompson help get the results that people from all over northern Illinois travel to his office for.

He currently helps people with a wide array of conditions ranging from scoliosis, headaches, low back and neck pain, herniated discs, weight loss resistance, and toxicity issues.

Dr. Thompson was a contributor to the New York Times best-selling book, One Minute Wellness and has spoken at numerous churches and organizations including USANA Health Sciends, the national TOPS convention (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), Curves, the YMCA, and a host of others.  He is a member of the presigious Wellness Advisory Council for USA Wrestling, USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, and Major League Soccer’s Colorado Rapids.

Dr. Thompson is the proud father of three children, Talon, Grace, and Jacoby.  He resides with his wife of over 6 years, Barbara, in Yorkville.